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We  specialist in the following conditions:

Please feel free to enquire if a procedure you are interested in is not listed.

Bariatric (weight loss) Surgery

Laparoscopic & open surgery, primary or revisional surgery
Sleeve Gastrectomy
Roux en Y Gastric Bypass (RYGB)
• Laparoscopic adjustable band


Cholecystectomy & bile duct

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy and common bile duct exploration is a highly successful procedure for the management of common duct stones.

Gastric and gastrointestinal

Laparoscopic & open surgery
Anti-reflux and paraoesophageal hernia repair
Gastroscopy: Diagnostic and interventional
• Endoscopic mucosal resection
• Laparoscopic transgastric resections
• Hellers Myotomy
• Pharangeal pouch surgery – stapled and open

Hernia repair

Laparoscopic & open surgery
• Inguinal
• Femoral
• Incisional
• Umbilical
• Complex


Laparoscopic & open surgery
• Haemorrhoids
• Fissure
• Fistula
• Prolapse
• Colorectal surgery
Colonoscopy: Diagnostic and interventional

Skin & appendage

• Lesion excision
• Melanoma surgery
• Sentinel node biopsy
• Ingrown toenail surgery
• Apronectomy

Varicose veins

Conventional open surgery