Christina Cullen

NZ Registered Dietitian, PGDipDiet, PGDipHUNT, BSc (Human Nutrition)

I am a passionate and dedicated Dietitian specialising in Surgical Dietetics. I use true and trusted, evidenced based information to help you get the most out of your surgery and long term health. Preoperatively I can assist you in preparing your mind and body for bariatric surgery and after surgery we work together to help you achieve your short and long term weight and health goals. As an experienced Dietitian I am able to help in the management of other conditions you may have and can help you manage these in the context of bariatric surgery, such as diabetes, heart, kidney or liver disease, food allergies, disordered eating, previous gut surgeries etc.

I have been working as a clinical dietitian and studying dietetics for over 15 years. I have worked in a number of hospitals across New Zealand and bring these experiences to my work here in Gisborne. I also hold the role as Senior Clinical Dietitian at Gisborne Hospital, Chair of the National DHB Dietetic Leadership group, and sit on the Prescribing Advisory Group to the Dietitian Board of New Zealand.